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coming on Feb. 12th, 2015. (We'll celebrate the evolution of CAKE!)

Any student can be in the Biology Club! You don't have to be a science major. You can participate and help suggest activities. That would be great!

Just send an email to and you'll be included.

CLICK HERE for some information about fellowships, classes, work study, internships, summer jobs, etc.

For the BioClub to be an official student club (Yay!) we need to get one student (could be anyone) to attend each BSO (Board of Student Organizations) meeting and say they represent the BioClub.
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The USM Chapter of Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta)
The National Biological Honor Society
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Please vist the Tri-Beta website or contact faculty advisor, Dave Champlin, to find out more.


Below are some other groups in which Bio Club students are often interested. If you have a suggestion to add, please email it to Dave Champlin. Some of the site below include opportunities for volunteers and internships. Click here for an introduction to more possibilities.

Other cool student clubs include the Chem Club, the Environmental Sciences Student Group, and the Pre-Health Professions Club.

York Center for Wildlife

Maine Entomological Society

Maine Audubon

Biodiversity Research Institute

Portland Trails

Bioscience Association of Maine

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Freeport Wild Bird Supply
free Saturday morning bird walks

Portland Green Drinks

Maine Medical Center Research Institute:
Center for Molecular Medicine
Vector-Born Disease Laboratory

Maine Conservation Corps

Maine Mycological Association

Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve

Avian Haven in Freedom, Maine

Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine
There are opportunities for volunteers including working on science education for children along with a small group of high school students called the Youth Rangers.

Wolfe's Neck Farm and Coastal Studies for Girls

University of New England's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center

Edna and owl