• King Tide Party

    King Tides are the highest tides of the year. Elevations flooded during today's King Tides will be flooded more often in the future as sea levels rise. King Tides offer a glimpse of the future in Casco Bay and around the world. King Tide Party (KTP) is a series of events and a collective of socially engaged artists whose mission is to develop new and imaginative ways of communicating the reality of sea level rise thus providing an alternative to inundating the public with overwhelming amounts of technocratic data and information.


    To date, three different KTP events have taken place in Portland, Maine. The first was on December 4, 2013, the second on July 14, 2014 and the third on October 9, 2014. The first two events happened in East Bayside neighborhood, at the Knudsen Pond location, which floods regularly during high tides. The third happened at at the city’s waterfront public-art site, MoonTide Garden, located just east of the Old Port district near Ocean Gateway Pier,


    For more information on King Tides: Gulf of Maine King Tides Project


    King Tide Party Members:


    Jan Piribeck: Artist/Designer - Project Director for ENVISIONING CHANGE: Sea Level Rise in Casco Bay and King Tide Party founder.


    Christopher Byron: Artist/Designer - Trained as a sculptor and industrial fabricator Byron has been a member of numerous collaborative teams; he has facilitated major projects in venues as diverse as the CIA Headquarters, Langley Park, VA and the Portland Museum of Art, Maine.


    Meghan Grumbling: Writer/Performer - An accomplished poet and theater critic Grumbling's works have been widely published and presented in local, national and international venues. Teaching experience includes offering Contemplative EcoArt Workshops at Windhorse Studio in Wells, Maine.


    Caroline Losneck: Artist/Audio Producer - An experimental installation artists and full-time explorer, Caroline uses real stories, oral histories and recreated narratives to tell tales and the truth. Her work is often about people and places on the margins.


    Blainor McGough: Artist/Puppet Designer - Has a special interest in giant puppets and has contributed to numerous puppet workshops and theater productions for all ages. McGough is the Founder and Executive Director of Mayo Street Arts in Portland, Maine.


    Kelly Rioux: Artist/Cultural Worker - Her work includes recycled and found materials to create portraiture and assemblages; she has facilitated numerous public art projects in cooperation with other artists and community groups in Portland.



  • Partners

       The King Tide Party would like to thank the following partners for their support of (KTP) events:


                   Casco Bay Estuary Partnership


                   Gulf of Maine King Tides Project


                   East Bayside Neighborhood Organization   


                   The Resiience Hub + Porland Maine Permaculture


                   Zero Station  



  • Documentation

    Photographs are taken regularly during King Tide events to document tidal inundation and express the aesthetics of sites impacted by high tides. Photographs from each of the three King Tide Parties are posted to this site along with brief descriptions of the events.


    The photo on this page was taken in Portland, Maine around midnight on July 14, 2014; pictured is Nathan Broaddus who is standing on an Observation Deck built from recycled materials. The viewing platform allowed King Tide observers to watch water from the Back Cove tidal basin bubble up through storm drains and flood the streets. Broaddus is holding a GPS receiver used to trace the outline of Knudsen Pond, the flood that occurs regularly along Marginal Way and Cove Street in East Bayside neighborhood. The photograph was featured in a fall 2014 report on Encroaching Tides by the Union of Concerned Scientists.


    Photo Credit: Liz Bieber

    Observation Deck: Christopher Byron, Caroline Losneck and Kelly Rioux